About the game Snail Bob

The game series of 'Snail Bob' is very popular by both children and adult who find it enjoyable and clever. The series includes so far six games and will soon be expected the seventh Snail Bob game, Snail Bob 7.

In all games, Bob the snail goes through a dangerous journey which is separated into several levels. In each level Bob needs to find his way toward the exit tunnel and avoid enemies, obstacles and gaps in his way. The player job is to help bob by pushing buttons and by moving handles or other tools in the screen. In some games, finding hidden stars will give the highest score.

To find a solution for each level, you have to be fast, smart and precise. It is very easy to miss the correct way or to do things in reverse order, but practice will lead you to the correct answer. If you have trouble finishing a level you can get find help in our walkthrough pages and watch the solution in video. We recommend to use this option only as a last resort.

Use mouse

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